Aiming to be a leading electronics portal with a passion to provide the best home appliances for making your life easier

We are offering a wide range of products and services which are not only of the highest quality but meet standards of quality that you can expect from us.

What We Believe

At Electro Home, we believe that it’s a time to bring the great change in people’s life. And it’s a great opportunity. The living style will change more in the near future than the past decade with designers’ kitchen comprising latest kitchen appliances and luxurious homes with built in domestic devices. These opportunities will link people with highest quality electrical appliances. This would ultimately make their lives easier and more convenient, thus delivering new value to the society.

What We Deliver

We provide all kinds of home and kitchen appliances that meet quality standards and current trends. Electro Home care about its customers’ needs. We always endeavor to bring quality products that can satisfy our clients.

Due to our highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals, we ensure utmost customer satisfaction with every product & service we deliver.


Our Customers:

Delivering outstanding quality products and services to the customers which exceed their expectation.

Our Employees:

Providing appropriate training to our human resource so to let them know how to provide solution based services to the customers.

Our Company:

Developing and maintaining a strong, professional and profitable business entity by holding the culture of an attitude of ownership and corporate social responsibility.


Electro Home envisions creating leading solutions so to improve the living style of its valuable customers.

At Electro Home, we make things easier. From pre to post-sale, we believe in developing a relationship of trust with our customers, so to let them know that we have a solution for all their problems. Our commitment, high quality products and services and professionalism is what makes us proud of our brand name.